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HOWARD COUNTY, Ind. — A group of women in Howard County is working to raise money for improvements to a domestic violence shelter there. 

They are giving back to an organization that helps people at their lowest.  

“I have been a domestic violence survivor since I was a child,” said Amber Kinsey, a community coordinator with United State of Women in Kokomo, In. 

For Amber Kinsey, the abuse started when she was a child with her father and continued with her first husband. 

“I wanted to utilize my experiences and my background to help other people’s lives and help change other people’s lives.” 

She didn’t stay at the shelter, but she did use their resources and now she wants to pay it forward by raising money for improvements. 

“People deserve that. People deserve to have that sense of home and feeling and knowing that people care.” 

They want to do things like fix up the kitchen, redo the floors and update the plumbing. 

“Most of the people that get brought here, they don’t really want to be here. But this is the only place that they can go,” Kinsey said.  

“We want to make sure that it has a home feeling. That they do feel safe and secure here, and they have all the amenities to live their daily lives.” 

People like domestic violence survivor Jennifer Roadruck believe the improvements are necessary. 

“I think it would be really beneficial. There’s a lot of things that they could stand to upgrade in… have better for people,” said Roadruck. 

Jennifer Roadruck stayed at the shelter off and on from 2014 to 2019. 

“They cared about me when I couldn’t care about myself. They helped me to get up and do things that I didn’t think or believe I could ever do.” 

Both women agree the renovations are needed to make people more comfortable at the house and show them the community cares about them. 

“Because I’ve always been taught home is a feeling, it’s not really a place. That means more to me than anything else, to save a child from domestic violence, to save another woman from going through that, even a man, that means more to me than anything,” said Kinsey. 

If you’re interested in donating the best way is to send it directly to FSA-Family Service Association in Kokomo for Adopt a Room project. You can contact Kinsey for details at