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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind– Attending a special event or night out can be a bit pricey.

But one east side nonprofit wants to make sure your experience is priceless from start to finish.

“These special occasions are so much more than just that occasion. No matter what is going on in your life, or what’s going on at home, you want to be able to go and experience those moments in life and have those memories,” explained The Gifted Gown Founder Julia Rutland.

Moments that Rutland realized some Hoosiers had to passing on to save some cash. Seven years ago, she started collecting gently used gowns and cocktail dresses and formal wear to give to whoever needs it.

“We started with 25 gowns and now we have over 2,700” Rutland said.

The one hour experience provides an outfit, a pair of shoes and accessories free of charge. Organizers say no matter your shape or size, it’s experience that’s bound to be seamless.

“You help them carry them over, you zip them up, something you need to tug a little bit because these dresses sometimes don’t want to work with you. But we get them to work and they leave beyond happy,” explained Gifted Gown board member Mollie Beaumont.

Right now The Gifted Gown has so many dresses, they aren’t accepting donations until the end of the February.

They also have a limited supply of suits and tuxedos.

Those interested in their services, must make an appointment ahead of time.