FIDO embarks on mission to keep pets safe in high summer heat

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INDIANAPOLIS – Temperatures have already topped 90 degrees this year, and more hot days are certainly ahead. 

The local group Friends of Indianapolis Dogs Outside (FIDO) is working to keep pets safe in the summer heat.

Veterinarians say heat stroke in pets happens quickly. In some cases, an hour is all it takes.

FIDO works with Marion County pet parents all year round, providing food, fencing, vaccinations and other necessities.

In these summer months, this group is out driving around, looking for pets outside in danger of suffering from high temps.  

FIDO staffers will talk to families about how to bring dogs inside, even offering a crate for free and the training to use it.

For those with no shaded areas outside, FIDO will construct one.

“There needs to be overhead shade, so we frequently try to put it under their shade tree,” said Darcie Kurtz, Executive Director for FIDO. “If there are no shade trees, we will add a tarp to our fenced enclosure so there is an area for dogs to get in out from under the sun.”

To keep pets safe in the heat, Kurtz says don’t leave pets outside in the direct sunlight, make sure they have plenty of water and check on them often.

“We’ve helped people that are sleeping outside in tents because it’s cooler for them outside than inside their homes,” Kurtz said. “It’s completely understandable, they’re struggling on their own. We just asked them to keep an eye on their dogs, make sure they have continuous access to water.”

Click here if you live in Marion County and need help from FIDO or if you would like to donate to the organization.

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