FISHERS, Ind. — A Fishers business is offering people a chance to share a meal to help benefit others. 

The Fishers Test Kitchen puts on a special breakfast once a month and it features a new non-profit each time. 

“Breakfast and Giving, the idea was to bring together entrepreneurs, local leaders, innovators to support a local nonprofit,” said Fishers Test Kitchen founder John Wechsler. 

Wechsler says they just started doing these recently, but they’ve been successful so far. 

The Breakfast & Giving event has limited seats, so it’s a small event but the founder says they hope to have a big impact. 

“Anybody that knows me knows that I am looking for a reason to throw a party anyway, and in this particular case, but what better than our local organizations that support our community. From the Youth Mentoring Intuitive, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, all organizations that are worthy and that make our community stronger.” 

The event is all volunteer-driven and 100 percent of the proceeds go directly to the non-profits. 

They charge $100 per person. They have 14 spots at each seating, so that’s an automatic $2,800 for each non-profit, plus any additional donations. It’s all to raise money for a good cause. 

Once they sell out, people can still donate.  

They do two sittings of the breakfast, and a representative from the non-profit is there for each one to explain how the money is used.  

“People feel like they are hearing firsthand from the organization what their mission is and what it’s all about. Really at the end of the day, it’s about fostering connections and building relationships, so we want somebody there, so each of the 28 people that attend have a connection with that organization, so maybe long term can come from that.” 

They hope to expand and share the concept with other locations to help more people.  

To see the future events or help with donations click here