Housekeeping services offer free cleanings to cancer patients

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Indianapolis resident Francine Long, 64, says these days she barely has the energy to get out of bed.

The thought of tidying up her home while after undergoing chemotherapy sounds downright exhausting.

“It turns your body inside out. My energy levels just tanked,” Long said.

But her everyday life was was made a bit easier when she found out about  ‘Cleaning for a Reason’.

Within a few days, cleaners from Indy-based The Dust Devils showed up, ready to get to work.

“Not only did they clean, but they sanitized, which is what I need. I need to get as much bacteria and germs away as I can,” Long said.

From dusting to doing the dishes, The Dust Devils owner Theresa Kolbus says it’s all about lending an extra helping hand.

“Instead of using that energy to clean the house, these patients can use it for something that hopefully brings them joy,” Kolbus said.

That means patients like Francine can focus all of her attention on the road to recovery.

“They came here and just went to work. I was so happy. I felt relief. At least I can breathe for a little while until next time,” Long said.

To date, Cleaning for a Reason has helped over 30,000 people.

There is no financial requirement. The only criteria is a person must be undergoing treatment for any type of cancer.

To find out how to apply, click here.

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