Indiana 4th grader spreads joy by reading bedtime stories to viewers nationwide

Pay it Forward

CONNERSVILLE, Ind. — You may have seen celebrities, politicians and musicians taking to social media to read bedtime stories to children all around the world during the coronavirus pandemic.

And now a 4th grader from Connersville is joining this growing trend with her videos reaching people far beyond Indiana.

“She has viewers from California to Kentucky. It’s just amazing. I can’t believe it,” said Dulinda McFarland, Gracie Brewer’s mom.

For over a month now, Gracie hasn’t seen her mom who works in healthcare. The two have been living separately for safety reasons.

But Gracie came up with a way to not only connect with her mom each night but also spread joy and positivity to so many others.

“I just like making people happy. People are bored now and don’t have anything to look forward to,” she explained.

Every night, Gracie chooses ones of her favorite books then reads it on Facebook Live to adults and children all over the country.

Gracie starts her reading at 7 p.m. EST every night. She gets anywhere from a few dozen people to hundreds of people tuning in.

Gracie says it is always a surprise what book she will read, but she takes requests.

If you want to watch her tonight, click here.

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