Indy resident sends virtual tips to local employees impacted by COVID-19

Pay it Forward

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — So many of us are still adjusting to a life of social distancing while a stay-at-home order remains in effect for Indiana and many other states across the country.

That means your favorite restaurant, hair salon or barber shop, local coffee shop, and gym are all closed.

But there are still ways to support these local businesses during these uncertain times.

Morgan “Sunny” Smith created her own spreadsheet of places and people she often visits in the Indy area.

Every time she does her nails, she sends a virtual tip to her nail technician.

When she has a coffee, she sends a few bucks to a local barista.

It’s her way of supporting Hoosiers who have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic while showing her support for local businesses.

“It’s so easy you don’t have to leave your house, you don’t have to put on a cape or be a superhero. You just have to donate a little money on Venmo, it’s not too hard,” Smith explained.

Smith posted what she was doing on Facebook, and since then, so many others joined in.

In fact, she’s been sending so many of these Venmo requests. The app took notice and sent her money saying they are inspired by the way she is helping others!

Smith is doing this on her own, but we found a public list with the names and info of Indy service workers. These workers can enter their name, workplace and Venmo account information. Then, would-be patrons can find their favorite restaurants and servers and give tips.

That list has over 3,000 names!

If you want to check it out, click here.

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