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INDIANAPOLIS – Local used car dealership Indy Auto Man is working to change lives by donating cars to people in need. Their hope is the recipients then pay it forward as well.

“I’m shocked,” said the most recent recipient, Aletha Powell, as she was handed the keys to her new Toyota Camry. “I’m grateful, very grateful.”

Eugene Gorin co-owns Indy Auto Man and knows firsthand the struggles of life without a car.

“When we came to the United States, our families were very poor, and we lived off welfare and pretty much the generosity of other people,” Gorin recalled of his childhood. “We had to walk miles to get to the grocery store. Our parents had to hitch hike to get to work. When we got to a position where we were able to give back, we wanted to do something that was impactful and at the same time kind of represented what we do.”

Indy Auto Man asks for nominations of people who will use the car for good, like Aletha who works with special needs children.

“I’m going to pay it forward by giving my car to someone in need as well,” Aletha said.

In addition to the keys, the dealership gives free service for a year.

“It makes a trip to the grocery store not a life-or-death situation,” Gorin said. “It allows you to keep a job.”

He encourages other businesses to donate their goods as well, whether it’s food, furniture or something else, so more people can then pay it forward.

“We’re hoping that by making this much of a contribution, it kind of spurs other people to want to do the same,” he said.

Indy Auto Man plans to give away a car a month. Click here to submit a nomination.