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INDIANAPOLIS,  Ind– For more than a decade, a facility on Indy’s northeast side has been offering a free place for people to live out the rest of their lives.

It’s not considered hospice, a nursing home, or a medical facility.

But the Abby Hunt Bryce Home is aimed at housing a special population, that is often forgotten about as they age.

“To claim your hospice benefit, you need an address,” explained Morning Light Community Involvement and Events Manager Madison Gonzalez. “So a lot of our residents don’t have an address to claim, that’s why the home was built. They can have an address. They can have a home now,” she said.

Rachael Winbush has been operations manager for the home for the past two years.  She sees it as her job, to comfort and care for those who are in the final stages of their lives.

“When we get people here, we don’t talk about death. You haven’t come here to die. You’ve come here to live, to live out the rest of your life in peace, in joy, and surrounded by love,” Winbush explained.

For residents like Yasmin Ayub, the place is so much more than just a home.

“I look forward to seeing everybody and the love they give me,” Ayub said.

The home was built using private donations, but now relies on donations. It is run by the nonprofit Morning Light.

There are certain financial requirements  to live there. To find out more about it, click here.