BROWNSBURG, Ind. — A Brownsburg nine-year-old turned her desire to help into action by creating Reece’s Blessing Bags to hand out to those in need. 

She puts things like snacks, water and items to help in the cold, like gloves, scarves and hot hands.  

She wants the bags to be a resource with essentials for those who need them. 

Reece Bowling created the bags with a $50 donation from her parents and a list of things she thought would help those experiencing homelessness prepare for cold days and nights.  

“Whenever I see someone on the street when we’re driving a car, I usually start crying. I get a little teary-eyed especially when we can’t help them,” said Reece. 

She makes two different bags, one focusing on male needs and another for women.  

Her family keeps the bags in their vehicles at all times to give them to people they come across in need. 

“If they don’t stay warm in the winter then they might get too cold that they might die, or they might get really sick because of the cold weather. Once again they might die, but in the winter, it gets really cold so they might want to have something to keep them warm.” 

Her family lives in Brownsburg but frequently makes trips to Indianapolis to hand out the bags. They also took them on a recent vacation to New York and handed out bags there. 

“It’s hard when she wants to help someone and you’re at a red light or a stop sign and you’re looking around and you’re trying to grab something and you’re like, ‘I don’t have anything.’ And it’s hard when I have to tell her that,” said her mother Veronica Bowling. 

“Now it’s super convenient and we always have these Ziplock bags right behind the seat whether she’s with us or not.” 

Veronica says she’s very proud of Reece and that the bags give people an opportunity to help in a way that they otherwise might not have been able to. 

If you’re interested in either donating things for the bags or getting some to hand out, you can email Reece’s family here: