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NOBLESVILLE, Ind. — A Noblesville five-year-old is on a mission to collect stuffed animals for other children. 

It’s called Jackson’s January of Joy, and so far, he and his family have collected hundreds of toys. 

His mom says he came to her a few days before Christmas and said he wanted to do this to make other kids feel happy.  

“It’s going to make a lot of kids happy like when they get the stuffed animals,” said Jackson Ptacek. 

They are collecting the toys and donating them to local organizations. They have 500 and counting. 

“He said, ‘If other kids are sad, I want them to be able to hug it and feel happy.’ He also said one day, ‘If they’re cold I think it will help them get warm.’ So, he’s just got a huge heart and we’re so proud of him. We’re so thankful to the generosity of our family, friends, and complete strangers,” said his mother Abbi Ptacek. 

They are donating the toys to their local fire department for kids experiencing emergencies, Riley Hospital for Children, Fueled for School, a Noblesville organization that packs meals for kids, Sunshine Bundle of Joy, which packs diaper bags for single mothers and Turn Away no Longer, an organization that packs swag bags for children in foster care. 

“Anything that’s going to help better our community and bring joy to people, I am 100 percent on board with. I thought this was just a small idea of a 5-year-old, but it has blown up into a little bit more than that, and I couldn’t be more proud of him,” said Abbi. 

They are also open to suggestions. 

“We’ve talked to Jackson about these agencies. He thinks they’re all wonderful. And then the other idea I asked, is there anyone else you want to have these animals? He said, whoever needs them, that’s who I want to have them. So, we’re open to other recommendations too, or request if people have them,” Abbi Ptacek said. 

His family has an Amazon Wishlist and they set up an email for the drive, If you know of any place or want to make a request for an organization you can shoot them an email.