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ZIONSVILLE, Ind. – A Zionsville mother has raised enough money to buy a communication device for a family whose child has autism and is non-verbal. 

Back in April, we spoke with Meagan Rodgers about her Easter egg fundraiser. 

It was all in hopes of getting a communication device for another local family who has a non-verbal child. 

Thursday she was able to give that family the device.  

It will be used to help the child communicate in ways other than his voice. 

His mother, Alice Jackson, says she is overwhelmed to be able to have this with her child. 

“Very overwhelmed. Ecstatic, because it means I can hear the voice of my son,” she said.

“That he can tell me what he did in his day and what he needs, what he wants to do, if he’s feeling OK, or if he’s not. To hear, ‘I love you, Mom.’”

Registered technician Eric Templeton also spoke about the impact the device could have and how important it is for families who need it. 

“The device just opens doors for kids. I mean, imagine going through and you can’t tell [people] what you want and what you need. Just imagine the lifestyle you would have,” said Templeton. 

Rodgers came up with the idea because her child is also non-verbal and has found success using the device.

She says her son actually said “mama” for the first time this week.