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KOKOMO, Ind. — Tipton resident Dacia Clark used to pray every time before getting in her car.

“It was grinding really bad. It was like driving a golf cart, I would have to go all the way to the floor with it.”

Now she prays each time for a different reason.

“I called Tom, talked to him about it my problems, not being able to afford going somewhere else, and he got me in,” she said.

Tom Smith runs God’s Garage in Kokomo, a shop that relies on a higher power to get the job done.

Since 2018, the retired mechanic has been putting his talents to good use by helping struggling Hoosiers for a fraction of the price.

“We don’t charge any labor, and that’s where the big savings is for people is not having to pay that labor cost,” Smith said.

Smith and other volunteers work out of a maintenance garage owned by Crossroads Community Church.

They only charge for the car parts and have never advertised, but their waitlist continues to grow each day.

“I see tears and hear all kinds of stories about how they’ve gotten into the financial situation that they’re in,” he said.

Because of Smith’s work, people like Clark can have peace of mind next time they get behind the wheel. “I’ve prayed a lot more ever since I’ve been in touch with Tom and God’s Garage. God works in mysterious ways.”

To date, Smith and his team have fixed over 200 vehicles.

Anyone can apply to God’s Garage.

They’re also moving into a bigger space at the end of the month that will allow them to help even more people.