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GREENFIELD, Ind. — If you didn’t know what it was, you might miss the bin outside Brown’s Chapel Wesleyan Church in Greenfield that is filled with letters and notes of encouragement.

“I honestly have no idea who all does these cards. They’re the true heroes in my mind,” said Meals on Wheels volunteer Carol Reynolds.

Reynolds then picks up the cards and takes them home to disinfect them.

After, she drops them off with the prepared food to Meals on Wheels recipients.

“Most of our clients are what we would consider socially isolated. More than 50%, which means they live alone,” said Meals on Wheels of Hancock County Executive Director Lynda Kosh.

To date, nearly 1000 cards have been distributed.

“Just things to brighten up days and let people know that we are thinking of them. We are praying for them and that they are not forgotten,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds is always looking for additional cards of encouragement or children’s artwork.

 You can drop it off anytime at Brown’s Chapel Wesleyan Church in Greenfield.