ZIONSVILLE, Ind. — A Zionsville mom is raising money to help children with autism with an Easter ‘Egg My Yard’ fundraiser. 

She wants to collect enough money to buy a family a communication device for a non-verbal child. It’s something she has firsthand experience with. 

“To never hear your little boy say, ‘Mama.’ To never know what he wants. To just sit there and wonder, ‘I wonder what his little voice sounds like.’  As a mom, that hits you on a completely ‘nother level,” said Meagan Rodgers. 

Rodgers’ 2-year-old son Crew has autism and is non-verbal, so she’s doing this to help people like him. 

“To just know that you are helping other families stand up and be able to speak up and use their voice and how powerful that is,” said Rodgers. 

“I don’t take that lightly and to be able to give back to these families like helping their child use their voice. What can be more beautiful than that?” 

For the fundraiser, you can order candy-filled eggs to be delivered and scattered in your front yard for Easter morning. 

Ten dollars of every order gets donated to a family impacted by autism and in need of a communication device. 

Meagan says the first time his speech therapist introduced a device to help him communicate she learned just how important it was. 

“It means so much to me because I think being in the shoes. You feel the struggles,” Rodgers said. 

“You are giving this child a way to use their voice. And he has taught me how having a voice and being able to use it is a privilege.” 

So far in different fundraisers, she’s collected about $500. Each communication device costs a little more than $800. Their goal is to raise enough money to at least buy their first device to give away. 

She’s asking that all orders be placed by April 12th

If you’d like to place an order or make a donation you can email her at lmwesley@icloud.com.