‘Process was so smooth’: Lindy Thackston describes her experience getting COVID-19 vaccine at IMS

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SPEEDWAY, Ind. — FOX59’s Lindy Thackston was among the thousands of Hoosiers lined up at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to get vaccinated at its mass COVID-19 vaccine clinic Friday.

Lindy, who is currently undergoing chemotherapy after being diagnosed with colorectal cancer, became eligible for the vaccine this week when the state added people actively in treatment for cancer.

She spoke to Angela Ganote over the phone after she got her vaccine at IMS.

“My arm is sore,” said Lindy. “But so far that’s it….It hurt a little more than I expected considering I’ve been a pincushion for the past year.”

Lindy admitted she woke up nervous Friday morning but that changed when she pulled up to the Speedway.

“I got there and and it [the feeling] just turned to excitement because you just pull in to IMS and they are ready to go.”

Once she arrived, Lindy says she showed her ID while workers looked up her information. After that, she was given a colored card to put on her windshield that indicated which direction she had to follow.

“You go right up to a garage to actually get your vaccine and then they pull you into this line. They have written down on a piece of paper what time you got your vaccine so they can know what time they can release you.”

After that, Lindy was directed to park in a line and wait. While waiting, she said several times staff came by to ask if she was feeling ok.

“I was in and out of there in 20-25 minutes.”

IMS officials have been telling people to not arrive too early for their scheduled appointment to avoid an unnecessary traffic jam. They advised people to come within a 10 minute window of their scheduled time.

When Lindy realized she was running about 15 minutes early, she said she pulled into a parking lot a few blocks away to wait a few minutes.

And in case you didn’t know, Lindy is no stranger to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. She has covered the Indy 500 during her time at FOX59 and before that, she spent countless hours on the track as a sideline reporter for IndyCar.

As for her return to the morning news desk? Lindy says she still has a few chemo treatments but hopes to be back at FOX59 sometime soon.

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