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12-14 pound Brisket

Rub Brisket with favorite Dry Rub.  (also can just use salt and pepper). Squealers Kickin’ Powder or Sassy Shake available in Squealers stores.

Leave Brisket in Rub for at least 8 hours.  Can leave in the refrigerator over night with rub on it

Remove Brisket from fridge 2 hours before smoking.

Allow Brisket to rest on counter for 2 hours before smoking.

Place Brisket fat side DOWN on smoker at 250 degrees.

Smoke at 250 until Brisket reaches 180 degrees internally the middle of the Brisket.

Remove Brisket from smoker  and place in full pan fat side UP.

Using your favorite sauce (Squealers Smoky Sweet, Squealers Smokin’ Hot, Squealers Mustard Madness, Squealers Carolina Red available in Squealers stores) rub Brisket down with sauce on all sides.

Pour 3 oz. of apple juice in bottom of full pan.

Wrap entire pan with foil and place back in smoker until internal temp of the Brisket reaches 204 degrees.

Once Temp is reached remove brisket from smoker and allow to rest covered for 20 min.

Once rested slice brisket thin for tacos.  (Also can chop the Brisket into small pieces.)