RECIPE: Waffle Burger

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Waffle Burger


  • Dry buttermilk waffle mix: make according to the directions for 4 waffles except replace the oil with an equal amount of melted butter
  • 1 cup of finely shredded Colby-Jack cheese
  • 4 slices of American cheese or any other decent cheese for burgers
  • 8 slices of bacon cooked
  • 4 hamburger patties cooked
  • Slices of lettuce
  • Slices of tomato
  • Mayo or your favorite burger condiment


Mix waffle batter ingredients and shredded Colby-Jack cheese until it’s a thick liquid consistency. Add more water in small amounts until it is pourable but still thick. Cook in a waffle iron until browned. Remove from waffle iron and let cool.

Make your hamburgers by layering on the ingredients for one burger on one waffle. Depending on the shape and size of your waffle iron, you may need to use two waffles for one burger. Some Belgium waffle Irons make a large waffle that can be split in half for one serving or split into quarters for a small serving.

Recipe adapted by Chef Rob Koeller, owner of Culinary Concepts & Hospitality Consultants; for more unique recipe ideas, please visit:

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