The FOX59 Morning News team is revealing some of our reporters’ and anchors’ favorite tailgate dishes. This week, FOX59’s Lindy Thackston shares her loaded sheet pan totchos.

Lindy’s Loaded Sheet Pan Totchos


  • 1 package frozen tater tots
  • Shredded cheese of your choice (or Velveeta if that’s your thing!)
  • Meat of your choice, seasoned with taco seasoning or to your liking
  • Suggested Toppings: Tomatoes, Shredded Lettuce, Black Olives, Sliced Jalapenos, Salsa, Red Onion, Scallions, Sour Cream, Guacamole, Green chiles, Cilantro, Refried Beans, Black Beans, Salsa, Corn, Queso, Avocado, Limes, Peppers, Cotija


  • Cook tater tots according to package directions. Add seasoned cooked meat and cheese and put back into oven for a few minutes to melt. Add additional toppings and enjoy!

Other Variations

Cuban Style: pulled pork, shredded Swiss, dill pickles (can mix 2 Tbsp mustard, 1 Tbsp mayo and 2 tsp pickle juice as a sauce)

Greek Style: sliced or shredded lamb, feta, hummus, kalamata olives, roasted red peppers, tzaziki, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, scallion, chopped dill

Sweet Potato Style: sweet potato tots, black beans, cilantro, avocado, jalapeno, chili powder or a chipotle aoili, shredded cheddar or Mexican cheese

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