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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The end of summer is the start of many interior home projects. Fixing up you bathroom is a favorite do it yourself idea.

And good news! An improved bathroom can give a homeowner the most bang for their buck when reselling.

As a matter of fact, most studies show you will recover at least 80% of the money you spend on a bathroom remodel.

But first things first, experts tell FOX59, you need a plan of action.

“Get your ideas down on paper, draw it out, figure out what it's going to cost you and then stick to your budget because you can go way over real fast and those credit cards can get maxed out,” said Richard Fletcher, Remodeling Expert at Home Depot.

Fletcher says a plan will save you time and money and prevent you from making multiple trips to the store.

Once you have jotted down your plan, start from the floor up.  Currently there are far more choices for flooring than there used to be.

“A hot new trend is big ceramic tiles that can look just like wood, but of course they don’t rot.  That way you can have the look of wood in a bathroom, without the problems associated with real wood,” said Fletcher.

You can also go with smaller tiles.  The variety is immense and prices range from a dollar a square foot to 7 dollars at most big box stores. And instead of having to put down individual tiles, manufacturers are linking the tiles in a mat.  That allows homeowners to put many

tiles down all at once, in a perfect pattern, and very quickly.

Proper tools are also a key to making the job easier.  You can now buy easy to release suction cups, to lift up bigger tiles and put them into place.  Nippers are also a good idea for precision cuts.  For the bigger jobs, you may want to consider getting a tile cutting saw.

“You can rent an electric tile cutter from the tool rental center here at Home Depot or you can buy one outright.  My suggestion is figure out how much time you're going to need the saw.  If the rental is going to be as much as it would be to buy a saw, just buy the saw.  You can then sell it on Ebay, and get much of your money back,” said Flecther.

After the flooring, think about the walls of your bathroom.  Paint can make a big difference. Paint swatches are a good idea, but they don’t always allow you to see what the color will look like on the wall because the samples are often so small.

“What I like about the Baer paint, you can actually have samples tinted up to the color you want, go put it in a room and see if you like it. If you don't like it, you're out $3 for the little paint sample in a can, versus $30 for a gallon,” said Fletcher.

If you want to do the work yourself, you can save a lot of money.  If you don't want to do the work yourself, Home Depot has people who will do it for you. Most big box stores offer similar experts to get you through your project.  Some will do part of the project for you, that you don’t want to do. Others can do the entire thing.  If that’s the case, usually it's about a 2 week process from start to finish.

Putting in new fixtures is something quick and easy for your bathroom that most homeowners can install themselves. You can change out the drawer and cabinet hardware in your bathroom for under $50.  It can drastically change the look of your bathroom.

You can also change the faucet and shower-heads.  That will be a little more expensive.  It ranges from 50 to 250 dollars, with a huge variety of choices.

Homeowners can also buy entire vanities, where the cupboards, hardware and faucets are done for you.  Surprisingly those can be found for under $200.

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