MIAMI COUNTY, Ind. — The man who was investigated for any potential role he played in the Delphi murder investigation is set to be sentenced in a separate case Thursday morning.

UPDATE: A continuance has been granted for the Kegan Kline case as the defense seeks further review of evidence and potential to withdraw the plea. The next status hearing has been pushed to June 1st, Fox59’s Russ Mcquaid tells us.

Kegan Kline will face a judge in Miami County when he learns his fate after pleading guilty to 25 counts related to child exploitation. Even after a recent change to court policy earlier this month, the judge has denied allowing news outlet cameras in the courtroom.

In March, Kline plead guilty to 25 counts of child pornography, child solicitation, child exploitation, synthetic identity deception and obstruction of justice. Police originally discovered Kline while investigating his lengthy history of catfishing young girls to get explicit photos and videos from them, including Delphi victim Libby German who was killed along with her friend Abby Williams in 2017.

The case gained more traction when a social media profile used to solicit photos from minors called “anthony_shots” was discovered and had interacted with Libby the night before she was murdered along with Abby near Deer Creek in Carroll County.

Social media messages uncovered by investigators indicate Libby thought she was to meet “anthony shots” the next day at the Monon High Bridge.

Investigators have never alleged that Kline was at the bridge that day or played an active role in the girls’ deaths.

While Kline has never been charged or named as a suspect in the Delphi killings, he has become inextricably linked to the case.

In his child exploitation case, Kline pleaded guilty to 13 Level 5 felonies, which carry a maximum of six-year prison sentences, and 12 Level 6 felonies, punishable by a maximum of 30 months in prison. The sentencing hearing is set for Thursday morning at 9 a.m.