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Amore is different from other “pizza places” being a true New York style pizzeria is an art. We hand make all our ingredients using the highest quality products we can find, and use our own heritage as Grandsons of Italian immigrants who grew up in New York in all our cooking and business dealings.

We strive to always improve while keeping our core principals always in focus.

Amore pizzeria began in 2003 with the hard work dedication of two brothers who were born and raised in New York. Growing up in a large Italian family made food a central focus in our lives. Our grandparents immigrated from Sicily at the turn of the century in the wave of Italians that flooded Ellis Island. With roots, all over the city and Long Island our family flourished always centered around our heritage and our food. Italian food is wildly popular in the world, but what most people don’t know is how that food changed and flourished when New York was blessed with our people.

New York Italian food, and especially pizza, is a world of its own.

The style of cooking that came out of NYC in the early part of this century is some of the best cooking in the world. We use our knowledge of our family culture and recipes to bring what we can to our new home here in Zionsville.

We hope you come in and see what all the fuss is about!

Thanks and have an awesome day!
Chris and Danny Simone

You will receive two $25 certificates, which can be combined on one visit, or used on two separate visits.

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