INDIANAPOLIS — The Sigma Gamma Rho sorority is celebrating its 100-year anniversary this week right back in the city where they were created. 

The seven founders went to Butler University, so they wanted to return for their centennial. 

More than 14,000 members of the historically black sorority are expected to be here in Indy this week to celebrate. 

They are kicking off their service projects Wednesday morning to give back to the Circle City. 

“What we’re known for is our service. Our slogan is ‘greater service, greater progress.’ And so that’s what we’ve been doing for the last 100 years,” said Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. Executive Director Karen Williams. 

So far since they’ve been here, the group has taken tours of the campus where they were founded to see where they came from. 

They’ve also hosted several events, like a live Ricky Smiley Radio Morning Show, a book signing from authors in the sorority, a homecoming event and other things around the city. 

They will start their service Wednesday morning with things like volunteering at the Flanner House, Gleaners Food Bank, and also host a huge swim clinic, SWIM 1922 Clinic. 

“So, it’s just an amazing time to come back and to see how much we’ve grown and the see how much we’ve accomplished. And we’re saying during our centennial celebration that we really are our founders’ wildest dreams,” said Williams. 

“We have CEOs and CFOs and we’re making impacts around the country. So we’re hoping we’re making our founders proud as well.” 

They will have a service project kickoff event this morning where the group will be honored by Mayor Joe Hogsett. 

“So, we’re just excited about being home, excited about making it through a pandemic, excited that our seven founders started off with a vision, but we’re now living that vision out.”

They are also inviting the community to their workshops throughout the day at the convention center. They’ll be on topics including financial freedom, emotional intelligence, and continuing education. 

 “It’s a poor man that doesn’t take care of his own house, right? So, what we decided to do was, we wanted to say thank you to the city of Indianapolis for hosting us, for always welcoming us. To say thank you to Butler University and its staff for always having an open door whenever Sigma wanted to come.” 

They are also hosting a block party Wednesday night. For more information and a schedule visit their website here