‘Airbnb for RVs?’ Service lets you rent RVs, make money on the side by renting yours out

Stretching Your Dollar
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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -  It's described as "Airbnb for RV owners and renters."

The service is called RVshare and it's available here in central Indiana.

"We take one family trip to Florida in our RV. Then two or three other weekends we mark out for other trips for ourselves.  But other than that, it's available for rent on RVshare," said RV owner Michael Nance.

Nance made more than $10,000 renting out his RV last year for just 90 days.  That more than covers all his monthly payments and gives him money to play with.

"It provides a lot of opportunities for my family that we wouldn't have otherwise.  We are able to do all the travel baseball with my son, and we can also take an extra family vacation.  RVshare basically provides us an extra source of income," said Nance.

Statistics show most RVs are only used two weeks during the entire year. The rest of the time, many of them go unused.  That's where RVshare comes in.  It's a fairly new company based in Akron Ohio, that's gone nationwide and works like any other travel website.

"It's very simple.  A renter comes to the website.  They enter a location where they want to find an RV and all their options will be shown to them. They have filters as well. They can search for RV type, size and price,  and they use the website to contact the owner," said RVshare CEO Joel Clark.

The website then notifies an RV owner they have an interested customer and starts an email chain back and forth between the customer and owner.  The average price of a typical RV rental is about $150 a night.  It's less for weekly rates and it's up to the RV owner to price out their vehicle.  Keep in mind, using an RV is basically the same as paying for your hotel and transportation in one.  It can save you a lot of money, even when considering gas and mileage.

"And with 60,000 RVs on our site, there are plenty of options.  We have everything from tiny pop up trailers to big diesel class A pushers, so any type of RV you can imagine, you can find for rent at RVshare," said Clark.

Don't be intimidated if you've never driven an RV.  Owners don't just hand over the vehicle.  Most do a walk-through to show renters how everything works.

"I take pride in wanting my renters to have a good time so I do a walk through and I provide a lengthy document that explains everything to them so they're really comfortable from the time of pick up until the time that they bring it home," said Nance.

And not all trips are from home and back.  Many people rent an RV after they fly into their vacation destination.

"We see delivery rentals where the RV owner will deliver the RV to a campsite for the renter and the renter just goes to the campsite and it's waiting for them. We also see rentals where someone is going to fly in and pick up the RV at the airport.  They take a trip in that part of the country and then come back to the airport," said Clark.

To make everyone feel safe and secure, built-in insurance covers the RV owner and renter.  If there's any kind of mishap, it makes the drive stress-free.

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