Avon company fixes, buys, and sells tech devices

Stretching Your Dollar

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — So much of today’s tech seems almost obsolete in just a few years, but it doesn’t have to be. People own things that are a lot older than 5 years old, so they need a place to get them worked on.

“And that’s us. We work on Apple Products. We also work on Windows.  At ExperimaxAvon, we stock a lot of repair parts and accessories for Apple, so a lot of time we can do same day repair,” said Shad Harth, owner of ExperimaxAvon.

They can also upgrade your computers, sell new stuff, old stuff and possibly buy items you don’t want anymore. One of their customers discovered he didn’t have to dispose of his unused laptops and computer equipment. He could get cash for it.

“I’m the president of My IT Indy. Our business provides tech support, network needs, phones, iPads, and laptops, so our items need to be in top shape and working.  We had a whole stack of stuff that were not in perfect shape. The items were a little bit older, but they are perfectly useable machines. We just didn’t need them for anything, so Shad looked over all the items thoroughly and wrote me a check for $1,200, so I got $1,200 and a clean office,” said Ryan Grimes, president of My IT Indy.

There are a few places around town that also work on Apples and Macs.  In the case of ExperimaxAvon, you can just come in the door.  You don’t need an appointment.  It usually takes them 5 or 10 minutes to check out what you have to sell and they will make you an offer and pay you right then. In terms of repair costs, it’s probably half what you’ll find elsewhere. Take an iPhone 6 for example. Replacing the battery is only $40 and replacing a broken phone glass is $50.

Work is warrantied for a year, Harth says, just like Apple.  Always check out repair places with friends and review sites.

ExperimaxAvon is off Rockville Road, near Ronald Reagan Parkway.  Ironically, it’s kitty corner from the Genius Bar, which Harth says closed down last month.

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