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INDIANAPOLIS — There’s a big demand for quality internet service, especially now with so many people working from home or just wanting to be entertained. If your devices aren’t up to speed, there are simple things you can do to make them faster and more dependable.

Bad or slow internet service can be very frustrating. A quality internet provider is key, but often it’s the smallest things causing the biggest problems.

“Make sure everything is screwed into the back of the wall connections properly and everything is screwed into the box properly so your wireless gateway is all set and ready to go for the whole house,” said Mike Wilson, public relations director for Comcast Indiana.

You could lose a lot of signal quality if things aren’t snug, and so many times that’s the number one problem. The other major factor is all about the location of your router.

“Actually, the weirdest problem we see is with fish tanks. They will mess up anybody’s signal if put near a router. So make sure there isn’t a fish tank or any major appliance or anything like that which is going to be getting in the way of your signal,” said Wilson.

Also try to centralize your router where you live and up off the floor. It’s all about getting the most direct signal possible with the least amount of objects in the way.

Another tip is don’t just guess if your signal is good or bad. Check it instead. There are free apps and speed tests online. X-fi has their own. Whatever you use, just remember the speed tests don’t test the speeds coming into the house, but it does test the speed coming into the device.

One of the most common problems people have is with the number of devices that are connected to their router. Too many can hurt your signal strength. You may be surprised what devices you’ve put on your internet throughout the years. Many of them are devices you no longer use. That’s why managing your network is key. Most providers make it easy. For example, Comcast has the X-fi app which provides an easy to use digital dashboard.

“It’s very helpful to learn that tool. It’s important for understanding what’s on your network. You can identify threats that way and you can understand what’s slowing down your network,” said Wilson.  

Check all those devices on your router and disconnect what you don’t need. If you need internet in one part of the house, but you are getting no signal or a poor signal, try using network extenders.

“I do a ton of work in the garage, and I do a lot of automotive work because I think it’s fun for some reason. It’s important that I have YouTube in the garage showing me what I’m doing wrong, so I need a good connection in my garage,” said Wilson.

Most of those extenders just plug into an outlet and have simple set-up instructions.   

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