Discount card offers “spot-on” way to stretch your dollar

Stretching Your Dollar
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You can forget carrying multiple customer loyalty cards—or even chuck away those cards entirely.

There’s a new way to save money when you shop at the same stores. All you have to do is carry a single discount card or use a smartphone app.

A new program brings you deals based on where you actually shop every day. The name is SpotOn.

“I either use my phone or my keys, because the SpotOn card is the one card I have on my keychain, because it’s so easy,” said customer Kathy Singer. “Or if I don’t have my keys, I just put my phone up and get my spot.”

Singer uses those “spots” at several local places, including Tea Buds in Carmel.

Skip Fioretti is the owner of Tea Buds Brewing Company.

“Every time they come in, for every drink they buy, they swipe their card or show the app on their smart phone. Then they get a spot, which is basically like a point,” Fioretti told Fox59.

“The system at the checkout counter will tell you when you have enough spots to get a reward. For example, after 10 spots, you get a free tea.”

SpotOn rewards customer for their loyalty.

“If you didn’t bring your card or phone to the store, the merchant can just look up your email that you signed up with. There are more than 100 locations to use SpotOn in Indy, and more are being added daily,” said SpotOn consultant Jen Mitchell. “It’s free to the consumer with a small monthly fee (for the) merchant.”

Both customers and merchants who’ve signed up for the program give it a thumbs up.

“I think it’s more convenient for the establishment. I think it’s more convenient for the customer.And it consolidates the customers number of cards they have to carry with them,” said Fioretti.

So, if you want to give it a try, get started by going to the SpotOn website.

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