Fitness center lets customers name their own price

Stretching Your Dollar
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There’s a place in Indianapolis where they don’t want you to worry about the cost of getting healthy.

It’s called Basic Training and it’s located at 909 N. East Street in Indianapolis.

“We do Pilates, Piloxing, yoga and boot camp. We started the ‘Pick Your Own Price’ classes two months ago. There are no contracts, no enrollment fees, no membership fees. We just literally want to try and get the word out to people to come get fit,” said Charley Cripe, owner of Basic Training.

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“What I like mostly is the yoga class. The yoga instructor is great. So it’s probably the best yoga I’ve had, and I’ve been all over for yoga classes,”said April Willy, whose husband also works out at Basic Training.

He prefers the boot camp part of class.

“It’s basic training, just like they call it, but it’s no frills, and you get big results,” said Scott Willy.

So you might be asking yourself, if you go to Basic Training to get a workout, how much are you supposed to pay? The owners say they don’t want to focus on that. Instead, it’s all about working out.

“That means, we have a box in our classroom. And you literally come in, put whatever you can in the box, whatever you feel like, whatever you can afford. We don’t check it, and you get your workout,” said Cripe.

“If you’re coming in for the first time, maybe you might start off paying $5 and then over time you can add to that, whatever you’re feeling, especially based on the budget,” said Darren Cooper, who works out at Basic Training. “You know, it’s not a budget breaker. It’s working inside that budget, and it’s really good.

“I guess there are different payoffs than just the paycheck at the end of the day. You know, when you see those people and you see them smile, they come in and thank you. You see them walking out dripping with sweat, it’s a good feeling,” said Cripe.

And there’s no excuse for you to not get that good feeling—Basic Training is open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day except Sunday.

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