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INDIANAPOLIS –  Shipping and supply problems have caused shortages on items around the globe.  If you are trying to buy things for the holidays you could run into a log jam of demand versus supply.  But you can still get many items on your shopping list at a good price that are not widely affected by supply problems.

Experts say it every year, but this year it’s more true than in recent history: get your shopping done as early as possible, especially if you think you will have a hard time finding certain items.  Even with that in mind, there are deals to be had right now.  There will be sales across a wide range of categories, from technology to home decorations. 

If you’re holding out for Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales, there may be fewer deals — but shoppers will see deep discounts on tech, fall apparel, footwear, and beauty items.  Shoppers who prefer to wait until December to shop will find deals on toys, winter apparel, gift sets, and holiday-themed items. 

What about trying to ship those items, if needed?  We know shipping prices have gone up around the world.  But there are actually some exceptions here in the U.S. for some.

“For instance, if you are an AARP member, you can save 5% off of domestic and international shipping at UPS so that’s a great way to save if you’re shipping gifts to others this year,” said Trae Bodge, lifestyle and consumer expert.

AARP also have great ways to save on specifics, not just savings on shipping.  They have big savings that you can take advantage of. 

“That includes everything from naked wines to consumer cellular to savings at Walgreens which makes it a great last minute gift option,” said Bodge.

If you end up shopping for someone at the last minute, there are options that can get you what you want, at the speed of the internet! In this case, let your fingers do the walking. You can opt for digital gift cards or subscription boxes this year, which is fast and can be very specific to what you want to buy. 

And don’t forget the gift that doesn’t cost you anything. It can be worth just as much if not more to those who miss you, who haven’t seen your face in a while or won’t see you in person during the holidays.

“You can always plan Facetimes or Zooms or Skypes and have some engagements there. That way your loved ones can see you and you can also show off your holiday décor,” said Bodge.