Here’s how to find free money for college

Stretching Your Dollar

INDIANAPOLIS – If you have kids in high school, it’s never too early to think about how to pay for college, especially if your kids are juniors or seniors. 

The process to get free money is easier than ever before.  We are taking you online so you don’t go in debt. Every year, millions of dollars in free money goes unclaimed for those wanting to go to college.

Free money is not what you want to pass up when college easily costs tens of thousands of dollars.

“When you look at the federal side, with the Pell grants, there’s a lot of money there for the taking.  Then you look at Indiana with the 21st Centuries Scholars Grant, the O’Bannon Grant, and all the money from the colleges and the institutional aid, there is so much funding to be had,” said Bill Wozniak, VP Marketing Invested.

Invested Indiana is a nonprofit that provides free help to get that free money.  And they’ve been doing this successfully for decades, helping thousands of Hoosiers.  It all starts with one form, the FAFSA, which “Free Application for Federal Student Aid.” 

“So if you are going to get college financial aid, if you’re going to get money for education, it’s going to go through the FAFSA process.  Just go to the FAFSA government website.

You can fill out the forms, but make sure you have your previous years tax returns. All that information will help automate much of the information needed for the FAFSA forms. We asked the people at Invested Indiana how long it takes to fill out the forms from start to finish. They say on average it’s only about a 15-minute process.

“Invested’s goal for students and parents is to borrow less now, and owe less later.  If you need help with any FAFSA question, you don’t have to give any personal information, just log onto our Invested website because there’s a contact page. From there, you can find email addresses and phone numbers to contact. All you have to do is call or email and ask the experts to get in touch with you and help you, completely for free,” said Wozniak.  

The people who work at Invested Indiana have long helped students at schools during financial aid workshops. With the pandemic, they’re still doing that–and even more.

“We still do in person, if it’s socially distanced, and the schools are very good about that. We do Zoom meetings, we do live chats on our website, we do phone calls, emails and group Zooms which is new, to finish up FAFSA forms,” said Wozniak.

The final word of advice on the FAFSA: it’s simple and well worth it.  Get it done, get in the game and get the opportunity for the free money.

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