How to help teachers help students during COVID-19 pandemic

Stretching Your Dollar
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INDIANAPOLIS —  Unlike any other school year in recent history, the coronavirus pandemic has changed so many things this year. One of those things is the amount of school supplies kids need.  Many have to learn from home, or from school, or from both, and that means double the supplies. That’s why schools, teachers and parents are asking for help from the community, and many are stepping up.

“We get support from the community and parents and ourselves. We have to, we all work together,” said Elizabeth Murphy, kindergarten teacher GreenBriar Elementary.Mrs. Murphy is a teacher at Greenbriar Elementary. 

Right now, Murphy is teaching the kids via computer. This year, more than ever, has been a team effort to supply the kids with what they need. That’s because they have to get more supplies than ever.

“There are so many variables this year, but in terms of supplies in general, we know that families right now at home have had to scramble and put together their own classroom so to speak. They have to have some sort of a desk space, and paper and crayons and all of that,” said Tim Blom, GreenBriar Elementary School principal..

And when they come back, kids will also need supplies at school, but this year, they won’t be shared supplies because of COVID-19.  That means more supplies and more money.  Thankfully, many are stepping up to help, including Kroger.

“The cost of school supplies this year might reach a new record, so it’s a challenging time all round.  Our idea with “Extra Credit Wednesdays” is to reduce some of that burden and ease some of the cost for parents and teachers and schools,” said Eric Halvorson, Kroger Spokesperson.  

If you want to save 10%, just look for the School Zone at Kroger.  You can get what you need on Wednesdays. Simply pick up your items and tell the cashier you want to take advantage of Extra Credit Wednesdays for the items that apply.

“From there, just show your Kroger plus card, and you get the extra 10% discount,” said Halvorson.

The discounted items include non-traditional things like computers, housewares, and clothes.  It’s all in their special School Zone. Teachers say that’s very helpful. The kids also need items like hand sanitizer, wipes, scissors, crayons and pencils.  The list goes on and on, but the money for it often does not.  Many teachers pay out of their own pocket.

“You can ask my husband, he’ll say I spend too much on supplies, and just extra things that I think they’ll need I’ll buy, but it’s just something so many of us do so the kids have what they need,” said Murphy.  

Stores, churches, and parents are doing their part, and you can help too.

“If you want to, contact your local school by calling the school directly to the front office, I think I can speak on behalf of all the other principals, if you call they will say yes and thank you very much for any support you can give,” said Blom.

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