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(Nov. 5, 2015) – An estimated 100 million Americans will travel this holiday season.

The majority will drive to their location, but six million will still pack the airports. So if you want to save money, book by a specific date!

“Studies show if you book airfare before December 15th, you’ll definitely save money because airfare prices surge the last 10 days before Christmas,” said consumer savings expert Andrea Woroch.

If you plan to wait for good deals, you can track prices on sites like Yapta, Pintrips and Hopper. The sites will alert you when the price of your desired destination drops.

Despite higher holiday prices, travel providers still offer deals which you can find on websites like Coupon Sherpa.

Here’s a money saver. Have you ever noticed the more you search for airfares, the higher the price of a ticket goes? That’s because the airlines are tracking your internet searches, and they know you’re interested. To prevent that, go into your internet options, and click on your browser’s private mode, or block third-party tracking app.

Most flyers book round trips, but you might be able to save money and time by booking two one-way tickets. You can also fly separate airlines and combine to find the best deals and flight times for you.

Travel is not all about flights. You can get an inexpensive hotel room when people buy those nonrefundable reservations. There’s now a way to buy those rooms off the people who have to cancel.

“There’s a new site that helps transfer those hotel rooms so people don’t get stuck with a room and so others can get rooms at a discount. The site is called,” said Woroch.

If you’re taking or bringing back gifts when flying, consider sending them. It might be cheaper and easier than taking them on a plane with you.

Finally, since most travelers don’t want to fly on the actual holiday like Thanksgiving, Christmas Day or New Year’s Day, airfare will be lower if you can travel on those days.