How to save some money on your bathroom renovation

Stretching Your Dollar
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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - Most homeowners don't know exactly what they want in their bathrooms when they are considering a renovation.

There are so many elements it can be confusing.  That's why in this competitive market, more stores offer designers.  If that's the case where you're shopping, take full advantage of the free advice!

"We have free design services here at the store.  We actually have three designers on staff in our store in Indianapolis that can really piece together all those things for you.  That includes your colors, your ideas, and maybe even your Pinterest," said Chris Untiedt, general manager at Floor and Décor.

Floor and Décor is massive.  The store opened in August, next to Dave and Buster's in Castleton.  It's a place purely for flooring and wall items.  They have a couple dozen totally finished bathroom displays in store along with hundreds of items to choose from.  It helps customers visualize what their project could look like.

"Our stores have more than 200 tile options alone, not to mention we have over 1,000 different products.  We also buy in bulk, sell it in bulk, and we sell it in smaller quantities as well.  Either way, it doesn't matter if it's a contractor buying it, or someone else, they get the same price," said Untiedt.

Our own FOX59 anchor Lindy Thackson has done two bathroom renovations recently.  In one case, she had a typical half bath that didn't exactly snap, crackle and pop.

"One of our bathrooms off the garage had white walls, and a really old sink and mirror.  It was kind of the standard cheap mirror you'd get somewhere," said Lindy.

Like many homeowners, Lindy said she didn't have the time or means to gut the bathroom. She did have time to do smaller things that can still make a big difference.

"We bought a gallon of paint, painted the walls, took out that sink, and took out that mirror.  We went to IKEA and I'm telling you for a total of $300 to $350, we had the bathroom totally redone in a day," said Lindy.

Wherever you shop, look for clearance items.  Most people don't bother, but the items are common and can really stretch your dollar!

"Here is just one example we have in the middle of the showroom. This ceramic tile is only 59 cents per square foot.  We bring in different products at a lower price whether it's a clearance item, or a special opportunity or a grand opening special.  And of course we have a range of products depending on your price point," said Untiedt.

Potential customers should also check stores for low or no interest payments, free delivery or any other perk that can help save them money or time.  Here's one example that may have happened to you when you go to your local home improvement store.

"If you come in and shop and you buy your massive products and you can't fit it in your vehicle, no worries.  We will store it for you free of charge up to 14 days.  You can pick it up at any time you want in small increments or large increments," said Untiedt.

Back to Lindy and her second bathroom.  She had another somewhat bland room that she spiced up for very little money.  This one started with the walls.

"We got peel and stick wallpaper to put on the walls.  We also put up a new mirror from IKEA, and a new light fixture.  Then we threw down a new rug, and it was a night and day difference," said Lindy.

That renovation only cost a couple hundred dollars.

One thing to be aware of: the peel and stick wallpaper can be tricky.  Take your time to avoid bubbles!

If you’re planning a big project that might cost more, get samples for wall coverings or flooring.  If you can get full-size samples, it will make it even easier to visualize if what you brought home will work in your area.  Once you figure out which looks best, most places will let you return the full-size samples for full price.

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