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(Jan. 1, 2016) — It is a program that has helped dozens of local businesses and thousands of Hoosiers. The group is known as “Impact 100.”

“Impact 100 is a women’s giving circle. This is an organization where the members put into a pot. And then the members choose who gets that money out of the pot,” said Beth Thomas, president of Impact 100, Greater Indianapolis.

That pot is huge. One hundred members each give $1,000 in grant money for a total of $100,000! It all gets awarded to one local charity in June. The people who gave the money vote on the winner. “Outside the Box” got the grant in 2011, and they say it changed everything!

They doubled their space, and capacity of those they were able to serve!

“We provide day services, employment services and studio art services to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities,” said Katy Bird, executive director of Outside the Box.

Bird said the $100,000 was incredible and allowed them to move into a much better facility.

“It’s really pretty incredible the reaction that not only our participants, but our staff have had. This is going to be our forever home. This will be the place that we will stay for the rest of our lives,” said Bird.

You can become a new member and donate. They accept donations right until the last day of the year. Every year they start all over again looking for more ladies to give that $1,000 and take part in the process of deciding what local charity will benefit. Keep in mind, you don’t have to have $1,000.

“You may not have the $1,000, but if you’ve got $250, we’ll help you find a group of women that also each have $250 and you can share a membership,” said Thomas.

That’s right, you can split the $1,000, which is exactly what the folks from Outside the Box did when they decided to return the favor and pay it forward.

“Stretching the dollar is how we live, right that’s everything about our organization. And we said, individually we can’t give $1,000 because we don’t have it, but $250 that’s something we really feel we can give,” said Bird.

If Impact 100 gets extra money, they have residual grants they give away. If you’re interested, contact Impact 100 of Greater Indianapolis.