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A local website is offering a simple way for you to know about all the great shopping deals in and around Indianapolis.

It’s called Indianapolis on the Cheap.

“We are a website that keeps track of all the deals, discounts and freebies throughout Indianapolis,” said Julie Sturgeon, president of the website. “It is a very detailed online newspaper with stories of where you can save money.”

It’s also part of a nationwide franchise of 34 “on the cheap” cities.

“We list anything from a national restaurant chain that has a coupon on Facebook, all the way down to a mom and pop consignment store that has big sales this weekend,” said Sturgeon.

Sales include savings on travel, kid stuff, restaurants, entertainment, seasonal events, shopping, sports, education, as well as a complete round-up of Groupon, Living Social, Deal Chicken, Deal Crusader and Sweet Jack current offers.

You can just log on and see the deals or be reminded of the latest in a simple fashion, a daily newsletter.  Subscribers will receive the e-mail at 7 a.m. every day.  It’s a compilation of everything new that has gone up on the website in the last 24 hours, so they don’t have to keep track of it themselves.   Sturgeon said subscribers will not receive spam.

If you do not wish to subscribe, you can log-in on the website and see what’s new.

The website is automatically updated every three hours.  There is no cost to you or local business!  They get paid by national advertisers only.