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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – There’s a new kind of place to shop on the west side of Indianapolis. It’s going to be a popular place for a variety of businesses and people. Just off Zionsville Road on 79th is a brand new supermarket. There are no groceries, but you'll get plenty of iron.

“It’s not just iron or steel that we sell, but stainless steel, copper, and most every kind of metal in a variety of sizes and shapes. We are one of the only vendors that truly is a full line stocking distributor. We sell everything,” said Jesse Johnson, Owner Metal Supermarkets Indianapolis.

And they sell to everyone, from local businesses to people creating their own projects.

"Our customers are really anybody, from breweries to machine shops to trailer manufacturers to home hobbyists. Many of our customers come to us after getting ideas off Pinterest and Etsy for projects involving metal," said Johnson.

If you have you ever priced metal, it can be expensive and sometimes difficult to find or transport. At Metal Supermarkets, they say they keep prices down by having smaller shops with little overhead. They have a facility on the east side, off Post Road, and now there's a Metal Supermarket on the west side of Indy.

"With us being in a smaller local suite, we are able to be a little more nimble. We are able to sell you 6 inches of a certain material if that's all you need. It's no fault of your own you don't need a large amount and we want to be able to serve that," said Johnson.

Where-ever you shop, you should always compare prices and ask for references.

"I talked to a gentleman who works at a mechanical shop this morning. He had been quoted about $30 elsewhere for a piece of steel square bar. It was just a 10 foot square bar. We sold it to him for under $10.

They have no minimum size and everything is offered cut to size. If you want to save more money, they invite you to go into the back area and see what they have.

"We also have offcuts and remnants from our bigger jobs that are severely discounted at both the east and west locations," said Johnson.

It's not just about getting you the metal you need, but working with you.

"We can process materials in house with sheers, saws, plasma tables, and mag drills. We even have an in-house welder at the east side store. Anything that we can't do in the shop, we've secured an awesome network of local fabricators that help us get anything that our customers need," said Johnson.

Most people pick up their orders at the shop. They also have 2 delivery vehicles and a large flat bed as well. The shop delivers to businesses or to fabricators or to a residential address. And unlike the cold metal itself, the people at Metal Supermarkets say they are warm to new challenges.

“Honestly our customers are so creative they bring us new ideas constantly and things we've never seen. It's one of our things we love most about doing this,” said Johnson.

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