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If you ever need a plumber, a painter or any kind of service, what’s the first thing you do? There’s a good chance you for recommendations from family or friends, but now, there’s a brand new service in Indiana where you can find positive reviews for local businesses.

“The response that we’ve gotten has been really tremendous in terms of the business community coming forward and wanting to support what it is that we are doing, as well as the consumers who are excited about having a free tool to use to endorse their favorite companies,” said Alison Martin, co-owner of the new local website, “You will only find positive reviews from real customers. But why are there no negative reviews on the website?”

Martin said she knows there are other resources out there that offer similar services, like the popular consumer review site Angie’s List.  However, Martin said offers something a little different.

“Ours is intended to be a site where you can see what positive things customers have said,” according to Martin.

It’s something Martin thinks can be more meaningful.  More internet reviews are negative versus positive, so if someone takes the time to write something good, chances are, they really liked the company.

Companies like Spectrum Painting think is a great idea and easy to use.

“And when customers can go to the website that’s easy to use like Endorse Indy, boom, there they are, they can put those positive reviews right on their website,” said the president of Spectrum Painting, Andrew Wagoner.

It’s simple to use.  You log on, sign up, provide proof you’ve done business with the company and then write your positive review.

“So, if no one has something nice to say about you, you’re probably not going to be found real easily, so it’s kind of nice in that way, because the better service you get, the higher your ranking on the site,” said Nikki Lewallen, executive director of Rainmakers, a company that helps promote local businesses. is a free tool for consumers and it’s essentially a one-stop marketing tool.

So, if you have a business and want to try it, you can for free for 30 days. After that, it’s $25 per month.

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