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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. —  It’s not easy achieving your resolutions if you make them.  We are helping you plan for your resolutions well ahead of 2020.  In this case we aren’t talking about building up your biceps, but building a budget, saving money, and making a profit on your investments.

Few people actually reach their resolutions. In fact, most give up within the first month of the New Year, but technology can help.  Whether you’re trying to pay off debt or boost your savings, we are focusing on four apps and online tools that can help you reach those goals faster.

“Improving your finances is often at the top of those resolutions. You don’t have to do it alone. There are some simple strategies to make the most of your money,” said financial expert Andrea Woroch.

The first app to help you realize your financial fitness is about budgeting.  One popular example is the “You Need A Budget” app or YNAB.  The app allows you to allocate every dollar you earn into a specific category.  That applies to your bills, your groceries, transportation costs, but it’s also going to include savings goals.  YNAB also assigns where those saved dollars go, such as travel or a college fund for the kids.  It also gives you detailed reports of your money habits.

When you do save money, have a specific goal for your funds.  Ask yourself these questions:  What are you saving for, how much do you want to save, and when do you want it to happen? Give yourself some dates. Those are things that can be handled by another tech tool called SmartyPig.

“I really like SmartyPig. This offers free high yield savings accounts, which means you’re going to make more money on your savings compared to a traditional bank account. That means you’re going to reach those savings goals even faster,” said Woroch.

To simply spend less money, there’s an app that does that too.  In this case, it helps you get the job done by lowering your monthly bills and even your interest rates! The app is called Bill Cutterz.  It does the work for you because it can take the hassle out of negotiating and lowering your monthly bills.

Are you a coupon cutter? Sometimes it’s a chore, but as you’d guess there are apps for that too, such as Honey.

“It will apply every single coupon code in a matter of seconds to see which ones work and which ones are going to save you. It also offers money off your orders plus free shipping deals,” said Woroch.

The final app is about Investing. If it’s your first time investing, consider the Acorns investing app.  You don’t have to be rich. It uses your spare change. For example, if you buy lunch for $9.50, the app which is connected to your accounts, will round up to $10 and invest that 50 cents for you. Half a dollar may not sound like much, but it can really add up over time. Be sure to monitor the investments to see if it’s making you money.