Look at this roof checklist before winter hits

Stretching Your Dollar

INDIANAPOLIS – Before really cold temperatures hit, have your roof inspected. 

We checked in with Joshua White, president of Hoosier Contractors Joshua White, who said it’s about your roof but also about what’s under it.

“Under your actual roof, you also have insulation, drywall and paint.  All of these things can come into a lot of expense if there’s damage.  If you have items that are under your ceilings like TVs or furniture, or anything else, expenses can add up really quick with a roof leak,” he said.

Most people know about the obvious problems with roofs, things like hail damage, wind damage and missing shingles.  But homeowners can also have damaged areas due to improper insulation and other things that are under the roof.

“You want good ventilation.  You want your attic space to be roughly the same temperature as the outside, as much as possible.  To have good ventilation, you need good exhaust and good exhaust is all about a good ridge cap,” says White.

White tells FOX59 he prefers ridge vents because they pull the air in as it passes over your roof more than typical roof caps you see.  Another big problem in cold climates is ice damming.  Once it snows and then melts, that’s when water then slides down the roof, but not always off.

“When the water slides down the roof and hits the eve line, then ice forms.  That ice backs up slowly, slowly, slowly and it gets under your shingles.  Water comes into your house, it creates problems,” said White.

An ice and water shield could be the solution. It’s more common in newer roofs but can be retrofitted.

“You can see when I peel this off, this is an incredibly sticky substance. It sticks right on top of the decking.  We take everything off, anytime we do a roof, all the way down to the decking, so if there’s any bad decking, we make sure to replace it,” said White.

Cost is dependent on roof size, and since it’s not inexpensive, it might be worth it. If you end up with ice damage this winter, it could be covered by your insurance policy, minus the deductible.

There’s an entire checklist of things to see if your roof needs an inspection or work. The final note from White and Hoosier Contractors could mean money in your pocket, if you’re looking for work.

“We are hiring for multiple different roles.  We have  roughly 30 openings right now,” said White.

You can find their job page on their career page

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