Saving you money on your roof repairs

Stretching Your Dollar
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If you want to prevent the chance of losing a lot of money, just look up! One of the most overlooked and expensive items you will own is the roof of your home.

So, if you don’t want to write a big check for a new roof, get a roof inspection yearly. Most roofing companies, like Renew Services Group, do free inspections.

“Technicians are going to look for, nail pops and blown or torn shingles,” said Chris Baughman, vice president of Roofing Division of Renew Services Group. “They’ll also look at your rain collars and redundancy collars to make sure they are not faded or cracked.”

All those things can let water into your house and eventually that’s what causes damage, even mold. And if they find a problem, like they did on Kevin’s Boyd’s house, they can fix it. The repairs often cost a few hundred dollars, versus thousands of dollars for a new roof.

“Yeah, you don’t want to wait until the last minute or otherwise it’s going to be an issue with mold or further issues,” said Boyd. “I’m glad I had my roof checked out.”

Boyd had several roof problems, but with a few hundred dollars in repairs, Renew Services was able to fix those problems and extend the life of the roof.

We also found another roof that looked fine from a distance, but workers found hail damage, ripped shingles, a bad repair job and improper flashing. All of those things allowed rain water to leak into the home.

If you’re afraid a roof inspector will tell you there’s a bunch of damage just to drive up the repair cost, be sure to pick a company that will show you the damage before you decide if any work will be done!

“We always take pictures of everything up on your roof so we can come down and give the homeowner an absolute view of what we’re talking about while we’re up there,” said Jeremy Bays, production manager for Renew Services Group.

So, make sure they take pictures, and make sure you take advantage of the free inspections.

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