Thousands of car enthusiasts will visit small town Coatesville for free annual car show

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — In the small town of Coatesville, Indiana, where about 500 people live, there’s a big event coming this weekend, Saturday, July 20. The annual tradition may more than double their population.

“Probably nobody had really even heard of Coatesville for years until Steve put the car show on. It’s a major event where people come from several cities and states away,” said Lanny Horn, car show contestant and Coatesville resident.

The 2019 Coatesville Car Show will bring in about 200 cars. That’s compared to only 30 cars when the event started just 7 years ago.  That’s a quick expansion, and much of it is thanks to Steven Schultz and what he has made for the car show.

"Our show is known for our homemade trophies. That's one reason why the car guys come. That's what they like," said Schultz, president of Coatesville Downtown Revitalization and Organization.

You can see why people come from all around when you see all the trophies. Each of the several dozen trophies, for a variety of categories, are different and all are made by Schultz.

"I spend the entire year working on them. I fabricate everything, and they're all made out of wood. They're kind of a trophy and art piece combined and I enjoy doing it," said Schultz.

The car show is free. There are concerts, food, fun and even two Colts cheerleaders will be there bright and early at 7 a.m. Saturday.

It's only $20 to register a car, or if you can't make it until next year, they already have the 2020 website ready for that too.

You get a lot for the $20 registration, including a printed shirt, a five pound goodie bag full of car stuff, and Schultz will even put a picture of your car on wood if you send it to him in advance.

It's easily worth triple the price of registering, and that doesn't even take into account the handmade trophies if you win. Money from the car show and efforts from the Downtown Revitalization Board are really helping Coatesville.

"It has brought some business back into the community. There are now two restaurants across from the Standard station and then down the street that we didn't have before," said Deanna Sanders, CDR Board secretary.

That includes a new town sign that's free for local businesses to advertise on. There are also new shelters and items for downtown buildings. There's also another old building that was transformed into an iconic looking Standard filling station.

It's just for looks, so don't be disappointed when you find out the listed price of 42 cents for a gallon of gas is not a real deal. Dave Clarke owns it and its transformation came from a $5,000 grant and donations, plus construction and fabrication help from Schultz. Much of the funding for things around the town comes from the car show happening this weekend.

"They have the great atmosphere here, the friendly hometown feel, and good places to eat. They also have nice places to visit while you're here and a lot of absolutely fabulous cars," said Don Wilson, car show contestant.

They also have fabulous people, like Dave Clarke, who loves the car show and the new Standard Station, which used to be a building his wife used for her sewing business.

"And I thought it was really great to see what this building has become. It allows me to re-brand the store. I lost my wife last year to cancer, and it allows me to move on and keep the building," said Clarke.

The filling station and the car show are just part of the history for Coatesville and the people who make every memory count, and every dime.

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