Stretching Your Dollar: Helping local restaurant employees laid off during COVID-19 pandemic

Stretching Your Dollar
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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. —  So many people can’t wait to get out of the house and visit a local establishment, but the coronavirus pandemic has put a hold on that.  But in reality, you can still go, you just can’t dine in, and doing take-out is key to benefiting our economy.

Aside from the federal government, the restaurant industry is the biggest employer in America.  It accounts for 4% of the countries Gross Domestic Product or GDP.

“I know that we’re not alone in needing to lay off most of our staff unfortunately which was the hardest thing to do,” said Maddy Barnas, Marketing Director Patachou, Inc. 

The people with Patachou, Inc. and many other restaurants say they now depend on carry-out sales because for the most part the only people still working are chefs.

“We have tables set up so the customer comes in and we have their pizza set out.  The orders are ready to go so it’s very efficient and very fast.  Their names will be on the receipts and they come in after already paying on the phone and they take their pizza and they leave,” said Billy Margrave at Napolese on 49th and Pennsylvania.

At Napolese, they are also helping their employees who are laid off with a relief fund they established six years ago.

“We’ve been bulking up that fund via all our carryout sales so customers that want to do carry out with us know that there money is going to a really good place, those staff in need.  We’re optimistic about the future and we hope to continue to take care of our staff and our customers who have been beyond loyal to us throughout all of this” said Barnas.

They’ve already been able to hand out some of that funding.  Meanwhile, they do their part to stop the spread of the corona virus with no contact.

“And for those really concerned, we have zero contact, they call when they arrive and we will literally take it out to you,” said Margrave.

And this may surprise you–they’ve had unbelievable support and it’s almost equals their dining in sales.  They’re already using some of that money to help out employees laid off who are in emergency situations, employees they want back as soon as is safely possible.

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