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INDIANAPOLIS – We are about to go from summer to fall, and just like with any change in season, it can be a great opportunity to buy.  If you can avoid it, you don’t want to buy stuff when the season for that item is just beginning.  The high demand will drive up the price.  Now that summer is winding down, we have a few things you should look to purchase if you are in the market. 

Barbecue grills are a great example.  Most people purchase their grill in the spring, getting ready for the warm weather and cooking out.  It’s true that a lot of people still barbecue in the cold weather, but most manufacturers aren’t selling them at that time.  Instead, they are trying to get rid of the spring and summer merchandise to make room for fall things.  You can often find items like grills and patio furniture for at least 30 percent off in late summer.  It’s all about supply and demand and store space. 

Another big ticket item you may want to think about buying as fall arrives is golf equipment.  It’s often a great time to swing into good deals. 

“Their new line is going to be coming out in the spring so obviously manufacturers and retailers are going to try to get rid of their older line, and that could be a great buying opportunity,” said Matt Cobb, master fitter/builder at Club Champion. 

 You can save even more money by buying golf clubs off the shelf, especially if you’re just getting started and are unsure if you want to invest in the game.  But if you know that you like the game and want to get better at it, you can get a club fitting tailored to your swing to shave off strokes. 

There are several great places to do so around Central Indiana. At Club Champion, fitting is free for the month of September, and with the purchase of a club.  They fit customers for more than just irons or drivers.  They also fit you for putters because that is a huge part of the game that affects your overall score.  It’s also something that is neglected in terms of fittings.

“Instead of just going into a big box store and grabbing a putter that they have, and kind of just rolling it on a 50 foot putting matt and going ‘I made a couple, sold!’  You have no idea what you actually have in your hand.  There’s toe hang, arc, off-set, shaft, length, head-size, and style.  All that and much more factors into making a putt, or missing it,” said Luke Paige, another master fitter/builder at Club Champion.

They can tell you exactly what it’ll cost and what you need or may want to try.  They use a machine called Science in Motion, or SAM.

“Sam measures 28 points of data within the putting stroke.  It basically, measures what you want to do in terms of are you straight back and straight forward through or if you have an arc,” said Paige. 

With everything combined, they then build you that putter.  You can check other places as well, and ask your friends and other golfers who they like and have used.  You can often look to save even more on a purchase, if you can find payment deals.

“So we do offer 18 months, zero percent interest, where you don’t actually have to pay until they’re shipped full,” said Cobb.

Whether it’s golf equipment, or other warm weather stuff, check when it goes on sale where you shop, as fall approaches. 

A few other items to think about buying now are summer clothes and shoes and sportswear that is used in warm weather.  Keep in mind, the merchandise becomes more limited the longer you wait.  Some stores just stop selling summer items at a certain time, whether or not they still have some in stock.  Ask a store manager if you’re interested in a certain item to see when items may no longer be available, and how long you can or should wait for the best deal.