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INDIANAPOLIS – Just because things are warming up, don’t forget what could be coming down!  Heavy rain and even late snow are possible.  But now could be a great time to have your roof checked out. 

Here are some of the things to do and look out for so the elements don’t cost you some major money if it’s not maintained or installed properly.

“It can be a thousand dollars in problems, and it can be more than 10 thousand dollars.  If you take care of your roof, make sure it’s installed properly, getting inspections regularly, and if you’re putting on ice and water shields, you should be in good shape,” said Joshua White, president of Hoosier Contractors

We are right between the end of winter and the beginning of spring.  There is still a chance of severe storms, so the possibility to have some preventative work done is a good idea. Have your roof thoroughly inspected.  Also check your gutters as they can cause major problems if not cleaned out.  The leaves and debris from the fall can make your drain system comparatively ineffective. 

Now might also be a good time before the heat of the summer and next winter to put on an ice shield.  An ice shield can be put on during roof install or even retrofitted.  It’s the same idea for insulation.  It must be done properly to have maximum effect.  Sometimes too much insulation can also cause problems.

“If you don’t have good insulation, in your attic space, then the heat goes up into the attic space more and heats up the snow, then water goes down and then ice is formed,” said White.  

In between seasons might be a good time for work to be done.  Roofing companies aren’t as busy and it’s also a good time to check if your home is properly insulated, ventilated and exhausted which most home owners don’t consider.

“And if you have too much exhaust, it can actually suck in the snow flurries.  Then you have little water spots on your ceiling.  You may also have leaks and drips in the winter and you wonder why.  The improper exhaust and ventilation is the reason why,” said White.

So how do you know if you have the right balance?  It’s hard to tell by simply looking at it.  Professionals often use a ventilation calculator.

“What it does is, it gives us the exact measurements of what we need to open up the exhaust and the exact measurements of what we need what we need for the intake, because you want to make sure your intake is clear,” said White.

Most people don’t realize their attic should not be air tight.  Don’t pile up insulation covering out to the soffits.  You need to be able to see outside light coming in for good airflow.  Here’s something good from Hoosier Contractors.  The company has been hiring Hoosiers and you can still apply.

“We are doing exceptionally well.  We’ve been able to hire 25 new people over the last few months.  And we have a few more consulting positions available,” said White.

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