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(April 16, 2015) – Estate sales are growing in popularity, but are they right for you if you’re looking to sell your belongings?

Many of the items at most estate sales, like at a recent one is Fishers, are at least half of normal retail. You can find $150 dining sets, furniture and even $1 glassware. The people who operate Aether Estate Sales Company tell FOX59 it’s not for people who are having a typical garage sale. They sell the belongings from an entire home.

“We also will value the items and tag each item. Every single item has a unique barcode, that way when it comes to the accountability, it’s very easy. We also print it all out, so you know exactly what everything sold for,” said Tiffany Parsons, co-owner of Aether Estate Sales.

The company comes in and stages the items, making it look more like a boutique rather than a garage sale.

“The company does all of the work. They clean up everything. They lay it out, they price it, and so for me it’s a hands-off operation,” said Jim Pribble, who used Aether.

Estate sales companies simplify what can be a tough time for many, whether it’s downsizing, divorce or death in the family. For Aether, they generally get 30 to 40 percent of the sale profits, but there are no other fees. For some, it makes sense.

“My mother died last Mother’s Day, and I wish I would have known about this because me and my son took it upon ourselves to do all of that,” said Butch Winkle. “We gave it to a lot of charities, which all went to good places, but it still would have been a lot easier to have these guys handle it for sure.”

For people looking to buy items from estate sales, the process is generally fairly simple.

“The first day we are very firm with pricing, however on the second day, depending on what the owner of the house allows us to do, typically people can get up to 50 percent off,” said Parsons.

If you are a seller and are not sure it’s for you, Aether will come out and give you a free consultation.