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INDIANAPOLIS — The Young Actors Theatre’s latest production tackles the growing opioid epidemic in Indiana. “Love Over Dose” is a play written by teens and for teens.

Theatre executive director Justin Wade and lead actress Ellie stopped by the Fox studio to discuss the upcoming play.

As Wade explained, he used opioids as a teenager. He  feels something like “Love Over Dose” could have helped him back then.

Wade said, “I’ve been thinking the whole time, ‘would this play have stopped me in my tracks when I was a 15-year-old?'” He continued, “I really do believe it would have created something. I feel like it would have possibly stopped me from taking the path that I had taken.”

Ellie plays the lead character Riley, a teen who uses opiods. She said it was important to portray her as a normal teenager.

“We didn’t want to paint this person as a villain,” explained Ellie. “We wanted to show that this could literally be anybody.”

The play has several performances planned. It opens Friday, February 7. A performance will be held at 7 p.m. at the Young Actors Theatre on Michigan Street.

Admission is free for anyone 18 and under. It costs $15 for everyone else.

Tickets are available here.