The surprising careers of two Colts Cheerleaders

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Indianapolis, Ind. – The Colts organization is a community within itself, but each person involved carries that spirit back to where they live.

Colts cheerleader Hannah Clingan goes home to Covington, about an hour and a half northwest of Indy, and captain Rose McClimans lives on the south side of Indy and works in Fishers.

And speaking of work, have you ever wondered about the cheerleader’s nine-to-five’s?

“The squad is very diverse ,” said rookie Hannah. “The girls have so many different skills and gifts and talents. It’s helped me find my confidence on an entirely new level and I know that coming out of this first year, I will be a transformed woman.”

Hannah is a fourth generation auctioneer!

Rose goes from the sidelines so science.

“I am a full time bridge engineer! So what I do in a nutshell is I do the design of bridges before they become constructed. You can do multiple things. You don’t have to be locked into one specific idea of who you are.”

Watch the video above to see more of Hannah and Rose’s stories!

Their teammates include teachers, a catering director, a pediatric nurse, a mother of three, a graphic designer and on and on.

See them all hard at work on the field on Sunday for the Colts home opener!

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