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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Families with a baby on the way or a newborn child have had to make some adjustments in the face of the current pandemic. One thing families can not do right now is a professional photo session to celebrate the new addition to the family.

Many parents are having to step in and stage, take and edit photo shoots of their newborns by themselves.

Fox59’s Britt Baker is the mom of an infant. She spoke to Leah Severson, an Indianapolis newborn photographer with more than a decade of experience, to get some tips on how to make the most of DIY newborn photo shoots.

She said simple props around the home like using rolled blankets or bags of rice to place underneath the baby can really make a difference.

“If you lay the baby flat down on a surface, it will not be as cute a picture,” explained Severson. “It will not look as good as a professional picture because we know how to pose them properly for a portrait.”

She also recommends dads pose the babies instead of moms.

“When Mom comes around, babies smell Mom and think, ‘oh, it’s dinnertime,'” said Severson. “Then they might wake up even if they’re not hungry. They smell Mom and think it’s time to eat.”

Her number one piece of advice is to keep the room hot especially for babies born in the winter. They are not used to cool air touching their skin. Severson said if moms and dads are sweating, then that’s a good sign the temperature will work for the baby.

You can go to Severson’s website, Leah Severson Portraits, to see more of her work and contact information. You can also go to her company Facebook page to see her instructional videos on taking baby pictures.

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