WESTFIELD, Ind. – A Westfield sporting facility is taking steps to build an all-inclusive field that will reduce barriers for people who have physical or mental disabilities.

RoundTripper Sports Academy is partnering up with the Miracle League of Westfield to celebrate its 30th anniversary and raise money to build a “Miracle Field.” The owners of the baseball and softball academy wanted to do something special for its big anniversary celebration.

“We had a couple families come to us who actually have kids who have been in programming here, and they approached us about doing a miracle field here in Westfield for kids with mental or physical disabilities to provide opportunities for all of them to play the game that we love,” said RoundTripper owner Sue Estep.

Estep and her husband have been working with two Westfield families to make it happen. One of those families is the Vollmer family. Their son Graham is seven years old and was born with a neuromuscular disorder.

“He’s so excited about this opportunity to be able to play just like his brother and sister and everybody else,” Graham’s father Nick Vollmer said. “We were talking earlier that if we had a dollar for every time that he asked when his season starts, we’d probably have this thing funded already. So pretty excited.”

The Vollmer family and the Hoffman family approached RoundTripper about possibly building the field, so kids like Graham and the Hoffmans’ daughter London could hit the ball out of the park just like anyone else.

The field will also help kids who may have other disabilities that are not physical.

“It’s not just kids like Graham with a physical disability,” Graham’s mother Adrienne Vollmer said. “It’s all types of disabilities too. I know since we started getting the word out about the miracle league, I’ve had several parents reach out to me whose children maybe have autism or another type of disorder that restricts them from playing in a typical league with other typical kids.”

The Vollmers agree it’s all about making everyone feel like they belong.

“They love this sport and want to get their kids involved and they want their children to be able to have an opportunity to be able to be a part of something and that’s really what this is all about,” the couple said. “A sense of belonging. Kids like this get brought along to other sporting events and stuff like that and to be able to go and participate is worth its weight in gold.”

The Estep family is excited to get the project underway and said the field will also serve people of all ages.

“There’s a great need for adults with differing needs to stay connected to their community, because a lot of those young people, when they age out of their high school programming, they lose connection to their community and their friends,” Sue Estep said. “So part of us doing the league is to get those kids back involved in their communities. So we’re really excited. The league will be for youth as well as young adults.”

RoundTripper and the Miracle League of Westfield are partnering up for a celebration and fundraising event on Friday. The event will feature all sorts of entertainment, including live music, food trucks, and lots more.

The event starts at 3 p.m. and runs to 6 p.m. for adults and kids. That portion is free. From 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. the event is adults only and will feature a few live band performances. Tickets are $50 and all proceeds go towards building the field.

One of the current baseball and softball fields will be converted to a “Miracle Field,” which will be a customizable field with rubber turf to accommodate wheelchairs and other assistive devices.