GREENWOOD, Ind. — In just five months of being in business, one Greenwood bakery has lines out the door on a daily basis!

Sherman headed to Le Croissant French Bakery to check out the hype.

The bakery opened on January 2 in the Vista Run shopping center on E. Main Street and only features French pastries.

“I wanted to put some tamales [on the menu], but they said no,” laughed Nancy Alcala, one of the people behind the success.

She’s the sister of owner Pedro Ulloa, who was trained in the art of French pastry “from the ground up.” Ulloa has been in Indiana since 2013 but has baked in California, South Dakota, and Mexico.

Some of their most popular items include strawberry croissants, ham and cheese croissants, spinach and mushroom croissants, fruit tarts, and mixed fruit Danishes.

The shop does not open until 10 a.m., but people are usually waiting outside by 9:30. Alcala says this past Saturday, some people were there at 7:30.

A few of the items are only sold once a week like the Napoleons.

“We sell one or two pieces per person, [because if we didn’t] they want to take the whole thing,” said Alcala.

Alcala’s husband helps her brother with the baking. He was able to learn by mimicking what Pedro was doing in the kitchen.

Sherman got to try a few of the pastries himself, and while they were all delicious, the strawberry croissant and Napoleons were his favorite!